11/16/2010 (2:32pm)

mahirap ba mg SORRY f u riLy mean it ???

no.. sarap nga sa feeling eh kaso nag sorry ka na nga, di pa nya tatanggapin.. ouch! :(

ask me anything :)


9/11/2010 (8:58am)

why few person look our fashion products(www.n1shoes.com)? why? too cheap or else?

too expensive. :))

ask me anything :)



I cuddle my heart like a sick child and give in to its every whim. And it cries, kiss him while you can. Kiss him. And I kissed him for the very first time, knowing that he’ll never ever forget it. x

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gawa ng bhaby ko.

ang ganda. hehe.

tnx beh =)







:D I was bored@-)

So in short, your hands will be on top of each other :-)

I read it as “And I’ll you place place my yours hand here here” D-:

Sweet  :> BUT YEAH, I DID TOO, WEESE D::”>